Camouflage Heated Vest By 7.4V USB Power Bank Battery Heated Jacket Thermal Clothing

Camouflage Heated Vest By 7.4V USB Power Bank Battery Heated Jacket Thermal Clothing

Item# XA0002
USD $89.99

Note: Depending on the batch, the using method of the battery might be different. If you could not power on the battery with one press, then press 3-5 seconds to start the battery.

Size: One for All (from M to XXL), better to wear under a jacket. Suitable for man, women and boys.
Shoulder width: 36.5cm (14.37inch)
Bust: 107cm (42.13inch)
Waist Size: 101-125cm (39.7 - 49.2inch)
Length: 55-58cm (21.7 - 22.8inch)

Heat Settings: Low, Medium, High
Exterior Fabric: polyester
Lining: Sandwich Mesh Cloth
Pedding Material:Cotton
Capacity: 7.4V / 6000mAh

Heating Technology:
Thin Micro-carbon fiber heating panels actively
Function for carbon fiber: improve circulation of blood for health care; No deformable, washable, waterproof

Package Includes:
1 x Heated Softshell Vest
1 x 6000mA, 7.4V Lipo Battery
1 x Battery Charger
1 x Instructional Manual

How to Use (3-way switch refers to button switch on the vest)
1. Plug the power cord in your garment`s pocket into the 7.4v rechargeable lipo battery.
2. Turn on the rechargeable battery by pressing the power button (Note: the 3-way switch on the vest will flash red, white, blue in turn at the same time).
3.Press the 3-way switch on the vest for about 3 seconds, red LED will be on, now the heating system on the vest starts to work. Sometimes, when press the 3-way switch, red LED will be not on, while flashing, please don`t worry, this means the heating system is in self-inspecting. We can just do the following step: Press the 3-way switch in turn (red-white-blue-red), then it will work again.
4. Press the 3-way button switch to adjust the temperature: Red for High (70-75℃), White for Medium (60-65℃), Blue for Low (40-45℃).