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ARRIS Battery Powered Electric Heating Socks for Camping Hiking Climbing Ice Fishing Skiing and Chronically Cold Feet

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Note: The heated socks is only available in US warehouse now, we could only send to US based address. Free Shipping!

The ARRIS heated socks come with 3400mah battery and provide relief for chronically cold feet,raynaud's,arthritis,bad circulation and stiff joints.The ARRIS heating socks are well padded with super comfortable, thick material. Pretty soft, comfortable and breathable.

1.High Efficiency Carbon Fiber Heating Elements- The heated electric socks adopts carbon fiber heating system, which helps to improve blood circulation throughout your body, perfect suitable for person with diabetes and other cold feet symptoms.
2.Heated Area: Front Bottom of your Feet- As we all know, only your tiptoe feels warm, the whole feet will be warm. However, most heated socks in the market offers heat for front instep, which could not really solve the chronically cold feet problem.
3.Premium Ultra-thin Alloy Heating Wire-Different with old heating system, the new alloy heating wire has only 0.04in diameter, which can offer uniform heating and stable temperature. It is more safe, comfortable, effective and durable than the old one.
4.The 3rd Generation Heated Socks- ARRIS begins to produce heating socks in 2016 and this is the 3rd generation in 2020, we`ve made enough improvements. We use upgraded Far Infrared Ray (FIR) to provide safe and effective heat therapy, which is proven scientifically to be more effective than conventional heat therapy since it penetrate deeper into the skin without causing skin.
5.Application & Usage- The heating socks adopts unique combination for uses in therapy clinics, rehabilitation centers, athletic facilities and at home to provide relief for chronically cold feet and it is also widely used for camping hiking climbing snowboarding and ice fishing in cold winter.

Fit for:US 4-12
Smart temperature control:3 levels
Heating technology:Far Infrared Ray (FIR)

How to use:
1.Charge the battery-fully charge the battery with provide charging kit before use.
2Pug-in-connect the battery ti wires which are located in the sock's pocet.
3.Trun on/off -press the button on battery to adjust the temperature and turn on/off the battery.

Package Includes:
2pcsx heated socks
2pcsx 3400mah battery
1pcs x battery charging cable

 Note: The heated  socks is only available in US and Canada warehouse.