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ARRIS Electric Heated Foot Warmers for Men and Women Foot Heating Pad with 3 Temperatures

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ARRIS heated foot warmer has a larger heating area. It can keep your entire feet warm enough. Compared with other flat foot warmer, the design that wraps the heel is another spot, which not only ensures that the heat is not lost, but also keeps your heels warm.

1.Work time:15-30-60 minutes:When the time is up, it will automatically turn off, no more other steps.
2.Heating levels:Low(45°C/113℉)-Medium(55°C/131℉)-High(65°C/149℉):After choosing the temperature and time you want, you can enjoy your relaxing time.
3.Use ocassion: office/home/camping/cushion;
4.Deep Relaxation&Widely Use Foot Warmer:ARRIS heated foot warmer can easily work at home and office. Just simply plug it to a PC, power bank or USB adapter, it could work. It can be applied on your back, knees, feet. You can use it for a short break, at bedtime, longtime camping to warm your body and relieve stress.
5.Washable Soft Fabric:This foot warmer also supports machine washing, hand washing, convenient for maintenance.

Package Includes:
1pcs x Electric Heated Foot Warmers

How to use:
1.Insert DC PLUG into the port on heated Foot Warmers;
2.Connect the USB plug on any 5v power bank(Not include);
3.Press power button to adjust the temperature and work time;
4.Enjoy this warm next wrap to relax your foot.