2019 New ARRIS 7.4V Heated Jacket for Men with 7200mah Battery 8 Heating Panels

Some people do not like the winter since it it too cold, even wearing several layers of clothes, still feel cold...

Some people need to work outside in the freeze cold weathers, but wear too much is not flexible to work...

Some people like to go out for hiking, camping, hunting and etc... in snow seasons, how to keep warm?


ARRIS 7.4V Battery heated jacket is great for choice in the cold winter. It adopts windproof & waterproof material, suitable for all kinds of weather conditions. ARRIS heated vest comes with 7.4V 7200mah battery, 7 heating panels (4 in front and 3 on the back) which can be controlled by 3 buttons, 5 heating levels (from 104℉ to 176℉), meet all your requirements.


  1. Comfortable Design

The outer layer of the ARRIS heated jacket is made of wind&water proof polyester material, which keeps the wind, cold air and snow out. The inner layer is made of comfortable fleece lining.

Detachable Hood--fit everyone’s requirements for the hat.

Elastic band in the jacket and Velcro straps on the cuff make it more suitable for when you wear it.

  1. Safety&Healthy Design

Carbon Fiber Far Infrared Ray (FIR) Heating Method

The heating material is made from carbon fiber, which is safer, softer and more health than original heating method. The working life of the carbon fiber heater is 1000 hours, which could provide steady temperature from 40°C - 80°C (104℉ to 176℉) for this ARRIS heating vest.

 ARRIS heated vest comes with built-in thermal protection module. Once it is overheat, it would stop until the heat return to the standard temperature.


  1. Better Heating and Longer Working Time

ARRIS heated jacket comes with 7.4V 7200mah high capacity battery, compared with the 5V powered one in the market, it could offer more power and better heat to the heating pads. And with 7200mah battery, it can keep heating for 4-15 hours(working time depends on the heating level and heating zones you choose).


  1. 8 Heating Panels & 5 Level Heat Settings

Most of the heated jacket in the market now only has 2 to 4 heating panels on the chest and back, but ARRIS heated jacket comes with 8 heating panels--4 in front and 3 on the back, give overall warm to the whole body. However, if you have some special requirement on the heating panels, it is OK. Those 7 heating panels can be controlled through 3 buttons in front of the jacket. You can power 2 heating panels, 4 heating panels, 5 heating panels or all of them through those 3 buttons. There are 5 level of temperature setting available too: 104℉, 122℉, 140℉, 158℉ and 176℉


What’s more, the ARRIS heated vest also comes with a USB port for charging a mobile phone or other portable electronic devices.


ARRIS heated jacket is warm and comfortable enough for you, your family members, friends and employees to enjoy outdoor activities like snowmobile, motorcycling, mountain climbing, camping, hiking, skiing, Fishing, Hunting or office routine and business use during fall and winter months against cold and chilly climate. 

Try it, you will know how amazing it is!

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Need to return heated jack large to XXL Or extra large how do I do this

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