Battery for ARRIS Heated Vest and Jackets

Right now, we have 3 versions of the 7.4V battery for the Heated Vest and Jackets. All of them are compatible with the ARRIS Heated Vests, Arris heated jackets, Dukuseek heated vests.But the charger for them is not the same, each battery has its own charger, do not mix them. 

Here we will introduce the battery and chargers. 

1. ARRIS 7.4V 7200mah Battery

Most of the ARRIS Heated vests and jackets comes with this battery. 



The charger for this battery is this one.

2. DUKUSEEK 7.4V 7500mah Battery

Generally, the Dukuseek heated vests come with this battery. 

Charger to the DUKUSEEK 7.4V 7500mah battery is the following one

3. 2022 New Version 7.4V 5500mah Battery

Some of the ARRIS heated vests and jackets comes with battery, if there is a N in the product SKU, it comes with the 5500mah battery, such as the XA0075N.

This battery comes with charging cable, the adaptor for it is as below:


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