Best Overall Fleece Heated Vest for Men of 2023【Tested and Reviewed】

A lightweight fleece heated vest is one of the best choice for battling the cold, providing comfort and warmth on chilly days. It keeps you warm and allows more movement compared to bulky jackets, which makes it perfect for activities like running, cycling, or skiing. But it's also great for staying warm while doing everyday tasks like running errands, walking your dog, or eating outside in the cold. In this article, we''ll explain the special designs of the fleece heated vest. The statitics was from product testers' website.

Best Overall: ARRIS Fleece Heated Vest 
Ratings: Ease of Use 4/5; Heating 5/5;  Design 5/5;  Comfort 5/5;  Value 5/5

What They like: What They don't like

1. Plenty of settings with even heat distribution
2. Could function as a normal vest
3. Great for layering
4. One size fits all

No storeage bag

Of all the vests we tested the Arris Heated Vest offered the most versatility, boasting five temperature settings—ranging from pre-heat to very high—and eight separate heating areas. These options might be overwhelming at first, but our testers soon settled in, got the hang of the many options, and enjoyed the gentle heat and warmth of the vest. “I felt warm without being overheated,” one tester said, noting the vest felt like a comfortable and warm fleece without any heating settings being turned on. “I love that it can be adjusted to my size exactly and that it bends with me more than a puffer vest. Also, I like that the battery doesn't dig into my side.” “It's adjustable and lightweight but holds in the heat, is comfortable and well thought out,” a tester concluded. “It fits well both under and over other clothing.”
What we like:
【Smart Controller & Heating on Demand】With 3 different buttons on the upper left chest, you can control 8 heating zones separately or together. The selectable LED controller also allow users to choose comfortable temperature from 5 heat settings, delivering ideal heat for any situation.

【One Size Fits All】The size panels of ARRIS heated vest is also a good design for most people, making it have a nicer look and a wider adjusting range. People can add different size panels separately or all together according to their demands. Simply unzip the zippers under each arm, and replace the panels as needed to adjust to your size. Smallest size doesn`t need any extra panels at all.

【Warm Neck & Pain Relief】Neck is also one of the most vulnerable parts to feel cold in winter. If you don't want to wear bulky scarves, this heating collar can solve your problem. For office workers who always feel tired about neck and shoulder part, the carbon fiber heated collar can provide you constantly and evenly warmth for neck pain relief. 

【USB Output Cord】The additional USB output cord can connect to your phone or other smart devices when you are outside, providing power when you need. Note: the USB output cord can power devices when the heated vest is connected to battery. 

【With 7500mAh Battery & Charger】With upgraded 7500mAh battery, you'll enjoy rapid warmth in just 3 seconds and uninterrupted comfort for 3-16 hours. You only need 6-7 hours to fully charge the battery with our 8.7V high voltage charger. Also, the heated vest is designed with built-in thermal protection module. Once it is overheat, it would stop until the heat return to standard temperature. 

ARRIS heated vest is a kind vest suits most people from age 15 to 90. The adjustable size design also allows you to wear it under a coat, no matter how thick or thin your shirts are. Also, whether you are working or playing, you can always choose the comfortable temperature and which part to be heated according to your different requirements. With a 7500mah battery, it can provide you more than 10 hours warmth at medium setting. 

Heated Vest FAQ:
Q: How does the heated vest work?
A: lnsert power cable into DC port on the battery.
To turn on, press and hold the power buttonon your apparel for 3-5 seconds. Short press power button respectively onheated apparel to choose the desired heatinglevel for different heating areas.
To turn off, press and hold the power buttonon apparel for 3-5 seconds until LEDsturn off. Then unplug the battery.

Q: Is the fleece heated vest suitable for women?
A: The color and style is netural. The size would be the main point that you need to focus. The length of the fleece heated vest is 27.6''(It doesn't include the height of collar) and the chest size of the vest is 39.4''. The fleece heated vest comes with 6 size panels, including 2 pcs 1.6''(4cm) panels, 2 pcs 3.1''(8cm) panels, 2 pcs 4.7''(12cm) panels. You can add size panels according to your own requirement. Hope the information above may help you decide if the heated vest is suitable for you. If you need other style women's heated vest, you can click here

Q: Can I wash the heated vest? 
A: Yes, it is machine washable. Remove battery first, zip up those zippers,  machine wash (in laundry bag) or handwash in cold water and use a gentle wash cycle. Drip dry the heated vest in a cool, well-ventilated place before the next use. DO NOT bleach, iron, dry-clean the heated vest. Please make sure the plug on the vest is dry before you plug in the battery. Also, it won't harm the vest system or yourself if you get sweaty while wearing this on a workout, such as hiking, skiing, running. You just need to make sure the battery is always dry and the plug of the vest is dry. 

Q: How to take care of the battery?
A: To prolong the battery's lifespan, it should be fully charged before use, storage, and then every three months during storage thereafter. The battery pack is designed to be lightweight and compact. It fits snugly in a dedicated pocket, ensuring you hardly notice it's there. 

Q: What is the correct charger for my battery?
A: For ARRIS 4200mah/7200mah/2450mah battery, the correct charger is here
For ARRIS 5500mah battery, the correct charger is here
For ARRIS 7500mah battery, the correct charger is here

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