Frequently Asked Questions About Batteries and Chargers

Q: I have a 4200mah/7200mag battery, which is the compatible charger?
A: Here is the compatible charger. 

Q: Is there a charger for 5500mah battery? 
A: Yes, here it is. 

Q: Can I use the new battery(7500mah) with my old ARRIS heated jackets/vests? 
A: Yes, the new battery can work with your old ARRIS heated clothing. Please make sure you have the compatiable charger for charging the 7500mah battery. 

Q: I charged the 7500mah battery to 100% then plugged the battery into the vest, press the buttons but no led lights or no heat. 
A: The 7500mah battery has dual output ports(5V and 7.4V). When you use it to power the vests/jackets, please make sure the output is 7.4V.  5V output and 7.4V output can't be used at the same time. Please turn off the battery first if you want to use it to power other devices. 
Connect the vest/jacket, long press the button on the battery to choose 7.4V, here is a demo video. "OUT" sign will only show when you connect the battery to the clothing or other devices. 
User manual 

Q: Can I use the 7500mah battery for my ARRIS heating message back belt? 
A: Yes, it can work with ARRIS heating back belt. The size of the 7500mah battery is 10cm x 7cm(3.93''x2.76''). Please check if it can be put into your pocket of the back belt. 

Q: How to turn off my 5500mah battery?
A: Unplug the battery first, it will turn off automatically in after 30 seconds. You don't need to press the battery button. 

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If a use the USB port to charge the battery is the 7.4v output charged (partially) also?

Sandra Ellis

It says in product manual I can get 50% off a 2nd battery but gives NO info how to go about getting it. Any suggestions?


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