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ARRIS 7.4V 7200Mah Lipo Battery for ARRIS Heated Vest and Heating Jacket

ARRIS 7.4V 7200Mah Lipo Battery for ARRIS Heated Vest and Heating Jacket

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ARRIS 7.4V 7200MAH Battery is discontinued. 

You can  choose the new version battery here.  For the new version battery, you need to charge this with the adapter here

ARRIS 7.4V 7200mah battery is suitable for all the ARRIS 7.4V heated vest and heated jacket, ARRIS heated wraps and belts.

Item Brand: ARRIS
Model :1090190
Capacity: 7.4V 7200mAh 53.28Wh
Output: DC 7.4V 2.1A
Input: DC 8.4V 1.2A Max

Charge only with 8.4V 1.2A Charger.
Do not damage or dispose it in fire.
Do not short circuit.
Do not disassemble.

How to Use this Battery to Charge the ARRIS Heated Vest & Jacket:
1. Plug power cord of the heated vest (Jacket) into socket of this 7.4v Lipo battery.
2. Power on the battery by pressing the power button on the battery for 2-3 seconds.
3. Press and hold the power/ temperature switch on Vest (Jacket) for about 3 seconds to start the heating system.
4. Short press the power/tempereature on the vest (jacket) to choose the heating level.
5. Press power button on teh battery to turn off the battery. Unplug the power cable.

1. Turn off the battery before charging.
2. During charging, the light on the wall charger is solid red. When fully charged, the light on charger becomes solid green.

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