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ARRIS Fleece Heated Jacket for Men+Fleece Heated Jacket for Women Holiday Sale Combo Sets

ARRIS Fleece Heated Jacket for Men+Fleece Heated Jacket for Women Holiday Sale Combo Sets

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Size for Men's Jacket
Size for Women's Jacket

Package Included:
1 x ARRIS Fleece Heated Jacket for Men with Battery and Charger
1 x ARRIS Fleece Heated Jacket for Women with Battery and Charger

This holiday Sale Combo Sets includes one ARRIS fleece heated jacket for men and one heated jacket for women. Both comes with battery and charger. Fleece is one of the most popular material of the clothing in the winter. ARRIS heated jacket is warm and comfortable enough for you, your family members, friends and employees to enjoy outdoor activities like snowmobile, motorcycling, mountain climbing, camping, hiking, skiing, Fishing, Hunting or office routine and business use during fall and winter months against cold and chilly climate.

ARRIS 7.4V Battery fleece heated jacket is great for choice in the cold winter. It is made of comfortable fleece material, suitable for all kinds of weather conditions. ARRIS fleece heated jacket comes with 7.4V 7500mah battery, 8 heating panels (4 in front and 3 on the back) which can be controlled by 3 buttons, 5 heating levels (from 104℉ to 176℉), meet all your requirements.

Men's heated fleece jacket size chart:

Chest Body length Collar Shouder Sleeve
M 48.03'' 28.74'' 3.15'' 18.11'' 24.8''
L 50.39'' 29.72'' 3.15'' 18.9''  25.59''
XL 52.76'' 30.71'' 3.15'' 19.69'' 26.38''
2XL 55.12'' 31.69'' 3.15'' 20.47'' 27.17''

Women's heated fleece jacket size chart:

Chest Waist Body length Collar Sleeve
M 46.46'' 44.88'' 27.95'' 3.15'' 28.35''
L 48.82'' 47.24'' 28.94'' 3.15''  29.13''
XL 50.39'' 48.82'' 29.92'' 3.15'' 29.92''
2XL 51.97'' 50.39'' 30.91'' 3.15'' 30.71''

Main Features:
1.Comfortable Design
The ARRIS heated jacket is made of soft and comfortable polar fleece fabric, which is one of the most popular material in winter clothing. 
Elastic band in the jacket and Velcro straps on the cuff make it more suitable for when you wear it.

2.Safety&Healthy Design
Carbon Fiber Far Infrared Ray (FIR) Heating Method
The heating material is made from carbon fiber, which is safer, softer and more health than original heating method. The working life of the carbon fiber heater is 1000 hours, which could provide steady temperature from 40°C - 80°C (104℉ to 176℉) for this ARRIS heating vest. ARRIS heated vest comes with built-in thermal protection module. Once it is overheat, it would stop until the heat return to the standard temperature.

3.Better Heating and Longer Working Time
ARRIS heated jacket comes with 7.4V 7200mah high capacity battery, compared with the 5V powered one in the market, it could offer more power and better heat to the heating pads. And with 7200mah battery, it can keep heating for 4-15 hours(working time depends on the heating level and heating zones you choose).

4.7 Heating Panels & 5 Level Heat Settings
Most of the heated jacket in the market now only has 2 to 4 heating panels on the chest and back, but ARRIS heated jacket comes with 8 heating panels--4 in front and 3 on the back, give overall warm to the whole body. However, if you have some special requirement on the heating panels, it is OK. Those 8 heating panels can be controlled through 3 buttons in front of the jacket. You can power 2 heating panels, 4 heating panels, 5 heating panels or all of them through those 3 buttons. There are 5 level of temperature setting available too: 104℉, 122℉, 140℉, 158℉ and 176℉

5. Durable Zipper & Double Layer Pockets

Zipper plays an very important role in making a jacket. After repeatedly testing more than 20 kinds of zippers in the market, we finally decide this one. We believe a high quality zipper can greatly improve customers` using experience.

In addition, the double layer pockets can Isolate the battery and hand effectively. This is obviously a big improvement in design.

6. Machine Washable

We`ve tested more than 50 consecutive wash cycles to ensure that the heating elements are not damaged by washing machine. Just make sure to use it when the jacket is completely dry. Better to scrub the USB interface each time after washing to clean impurities attached on it.

What’s more, the ARRIS heated vest also comes with a USB port for charging a mobile phone or other portable electronic devices.


Q. How to take care of the battery?

A. In order to extend the service time, battery must be fully charged before use, storage and once every 3 months of storage thereafter.

Q: How long will the battery last while in use?

A: It depends how do you heat the vest.

Power on front abdomen position, it can last 9-20 hours.

Power on back + lower waist position, it can last 7-14 hours.

Power on front check position, it can last 9-20 hours.

Power on all heating pads, it can last 4-10 hours.

Q: What is the correct step to clean the heated vest?

A: Remove battery, handwash or machine wash (in laundry bag) in cold water. Do not twist or wring.

Q: How long will the battery be fully charged?

A: From empty, the battery will take roughly 8 hours to be fully charged.

Q: How do you know when battery is fully charged?

A: You have to use the wall charger to charge it. On the battery, lights will flash blue and when fully charged, it will have a solid blue line. And also the red light on the charger will turn to be solid green when the battery is fully charged.

Note: For the lipo battery, please check the Lipo Battery Safety and Warning before use.

ARRIS Fleece Heated Jacket User Manual

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