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DUKUSEEK 7.4V 7500mah Lipo Battery for DUKUSEEK Heated Vest and Heated Jacket

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This 7.4V 7500mAH battery is specially designed for DUKUSEEK heated vest and DUKUSEEK heated Jacket.
It can also be used as normal 5V power bank.
These 2 modes (DC port and USB port) can not be used together. Which means if you are using this battery to power on the heated apparel, you can not use this as 5V power bank. Battery needs to be powered off to switch between 2 modes.

Name: 7.4V/5V Dual Voltage Output Li-Polymer Battery
Model: 1090190N
Capacity: 7500mAh/3.85V/28.8Wh
Working Time: 3-10 Hours
DC Output: 7.4V/2A Max.
USB Output: 5V/2.4A Max.
DC Input: 8.7V/2A Max.

Note: This battery has dual output, 5V and 7.4V.
USB port is for 5V output, while DC port is for 7.4V. They can not be used together.

1. NEVER leave charging batteries unattended. Keep watching on the charging process & react to any potential problems that may occur.
2. NEVER charge a swollen or ballooned battery (even if swollen upon purchase).
3. NEVER charge a battery if it has been dropped and sustained significant impact.
4. NEVER charge a battery if it has been punctured.
5. ALWAYS charge batteries in a fireproof container and away from combustible material. Do NOT charge on surfaces that can catch fire – this includes: wood, cloth, carpet, or in the application's device.
6. ONLY use factory equipped chargers to charge the batteries.
7. Keep LIPO batteries out of reach of children or pets.
8. Never use or charge a wet (ever wet) battery