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DUKUSEEK Shin Splint Ice Pack Wrap Hot Cold Compression for Pain Relief, Recovery

DUKUSEEK Shin Splint Ice Pack Wrap Hot Cold Compression for Pain Relief, Recovery

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The DUKUSEEK Shin Ice Packs provide a soothing hot or cold compress for optimal pain relief and recovery for sports or leg injuries. The adjustable strap allows for a customized fit, and the two-sided fabric design makes it easy to use. Suitable for alleviate pain from sprains and strains, sports injuries, arthritis and joint pain, meniscus tears, leg surgery, and everyday aches and pains. Enjoy the luxurious comfort of this shin splint brace for optimal relief and recovery.

Main Features
THE LATEST DOUBLE SIDED DESIGN FOR BETTER FITThe DUKUSEEK shin ice packs feature an innovative dual fabric design for targeted cold therapy with varying levels of coldness or heat. The upgraded skin-friendly looped lycra fabric has adhesion, allowing for easy adjustment of the velcro strap to your desired position. The silky nylon side provides intense cold therapy to the injured shin, leg or calf. This design ensures longer-lasting, making perfect for shin splint relief.
 EFFECTIVE PAIN RELIEFShin splints can be caused by various factors such as repeated stress and impact, flat feet, poorly fitting shoes, inadequate warm-up or cool-down, and weak ankles, hips, or core. The DUKUSEEK shin splints relief gel ice pack can effectively minimize pain and swelling, enabling quicker recovery and less downtime. If you are experiencing these issues, choose DUKUSEEK for relief.
Hot & COLD COMPRESSION THERAPYThe shin splint ice wrap is versatile and can be used for different purposes. Its high-quality construction and size allow for easy application on various body parts, including shoulders, knees, thighs, lower leg, calves, shins, and more. Simply microwave or freeze the pack as needed for desired hot or cold therapy.
STAY SECURE & FLEXIBLEDesigned with ergonomic precision, the DUKUSEEK calf ice pack wrap contours perfectly to the affected area for effective pain relief. Equipped with high-elastic straps that can be adjusted for a secure fit, it provides powerful compression combined with cold therapy to alleviate calf and shin pains, swelling, sprains, post-surgery rehabilitation, and post-workout recovery.
BUY WITH CONFIDENCE - DUKUSEEK】100% satisfied customer service. Contact us with any concerns and we'll respond within one business day. Our shin ice pack features durable, leak-proof double-edge sealing and makes a thoughtful gift for birthday, Mother's Day, Father's Day, Christmas, and Thanksgiving.

Why Choose DUKUSEEK:
1. DUKUSEEK reusable gel ice pack for leg is designed to perfectly mold to the shape of your shin or calf and provide targeted relief to your aches and pains. Simply mold it into your muscles and joints for instant relief exactly where you need it.
2. Double sided design with upgraded adhesive looped lycra fabric 
3. Freeze for 2 hours for 30 minutes of instant pain relief or heat in the microwave for 30 seconds for 30 minutes of complete relaxation. Our reusable hot and cold compress leg wrap provides effective relief for fatigue and pain.
4. Easy to use. Wear the wrap on your lge, tighten the strap, stick on the looped lycra side, adjust for a comfortable fit. 

Package Included:
1x Shin Ice Pack
1x User Manual
1x Packing Box

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