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New Version DUKUSEEK Ice Pack for Knee Pain Relief, Leg Injuries, ACL, Arthritis, Swelling

New Version DUKUSEEK Ice Pack for Knee Pain Relief, Leg Injuries, ACL, Arthritis, Swelling

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The DUKUSEEK entire knee ice pack wrap provides unmatched icing and heat for joint pain, swelling and soreness. When injury occurs, it`s necessary to have a quick access of ice to control swelling and inflammation, then heat to increase blood circulation to alleviate pain in the muscles. It`s an ultimate solution to relieve pain, swelling and stiffness in the shoulder, neck and upper back due to rotator cuff, sprains & strains, post-surgery, muscle spasms, biceps tears and bursitis shoulder.

Main Features:
PERFECT FIT & BETTER GEL DISTRIBUTIONThe DUKUSEEK uniquely designed knee ice pack provides maximum coverage and comfort, with a shape that follows the curvature of your knee. The upgraded segmentation design allows for even gel distribution, providing effective and natural relief for chronic pain, muscle pain, stiffness, inflammation, and swelling due to injuries, post-surgery soreness, arthritis, sprains, and strains.
MULTIFUNCTIONAL & FLEXIBLEThe high-quality, professional-grade gel remains super soft and flexible even when frozen, the unique shape allows it to fit not only your knee but also your shoulders for fast pain relief. With a separate ice pack designed specifically for the back of the knee. If you don't need coverage for the back of your knee, simply remove this separate ice pack or use it on any other part of your body.
LONG-LASTING COLD THERAPYWith a -13°F freezing point and 30% more gel, our ice pack knee wrap can withstand over 20 minutes of freezing time, making it one of the most effective pain relief options on the market. The adjustable compression straps ensure a snug fit and add compression for faster recovery.
STAY IN PLACE WITH STRONG SUPPORTThe DUKUSEEK ice pack knee wrap features strong buckle loops to ensure the entire cold pack stays stable while you move, preventing it from slipping out of the straps. Additionally, the elastic strap and strong Velcro make it easy to secure and adjust the whole cold knee compression wrap for both men and women.
IDEAL FOR POST-SURGERY RECOVERY】Our ice pack for knee is specially designed to provide complete coverage and support after knee replacement surgery or other knee procedures, helping to reduce pain and swelling for faster healing.

Why Choose DUKUSEEK:
1. 【Strong Buckle Loops to Secure the Ice PackUniquely designed with the buckle loops to ensure the entire knee cold pack be more stable during some movements and does not easily slip out of the straps.
2. 【360 Degree Full CoverageProvides Relief to Both Front and Back of the Knee, the DUKUSEEK knee ice pack wrap allows for one step icing to bring complete pain relief from knee injuries, swelling, sprains, bruises, inflammation or surgical procedure and muscles recovery after the gym.
3. 【Ergonomic Design Fits Your Knees BetterWith the upgraded ergonomic design, this gel ice pack can perfectly cover the painful areas of your knee and elbow, providing larger coverage of cold compression on targeted areas.
4. 【Professional Grade Gel Ice PackThe elbow gel pack is constructed of thick, flexible material and is double sealed to prevent leaking. Finished edges prevent seams from splitting. You can use this durable high quality gel pack again and again for years.
5. 【Strong Velcro ClosureThere are two adjustable straps that ensure reinforcement around the knee joint for cold compression, and you can use knees ice pack for injury while sitting, standing, or lying down.
6. 【Separate Ice Pack IncludedThe separate ice pack can be used to wad the back part of your knee for better fit. Besides, they can also be used to other parts of your body.

Item Specification:
Package Dimensions ‏ : ‎ 7.2 x 7.09 x 3.54 inches
Package Weight: 2.89 Pounds (1.31kg)

Package Included:
1 x DUKUSEEK Knee Ice Pack
1 x Ice Pack for Covering Back Knee
1 x English Manual
1 x Exquisite Packing Box

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