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DUKUSEEK Camo Heated Jacket for Men with Detachable Hood Rechargeable 7500mAH Battery for Winter Hunting

DUKUSEEK Camo Heated Jacket for Men with Detachable Hood Rechargeable 7500mAH Battery for Winter Hunting

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If you are looking for a camo heated jacket with high-quality materials like polar fleece, which provide excellent warmth without excessive bulk. This is it. 2023 new DUKUSEEK¬†7.4V electric battery heated camo¬†jacket has 8 heating zones (2 on chest, 2 on belly, 1 on neck and 3 on back) and provides steady temperature from 40¬įC - 80¬įC (104‚ĄČ to 176‚ĄČ). Noiseless outer material and hiding button velcro are specially designed for winter hunting. Some additional features, like velcro strap, an elastic hem, a detachable hat, double layer pockets, additional phone charging function are expertly crafted to meet a variety of individual requirements.¬†

Package Included:
1 x DUKUSEEK Camo Heated Jacket
1 x 7.4V 7500Mah Lipo Battery
1 x 8.7V Battery Charger
1x English Manual

Main Features:
‚úÖ8¬†Heating Zones & 5 Temperature Setting: With 7500mAh battery, the¬†ARRIS camo heated jacket will¬†provide steady temperature from 104‚ĄČ to 176‚ĄČ for 3-16 hours.¬†There are 3 buttons on the left chest part. You can choose which part to be heated or not and different heating levels according to your different environmental demands.¬†

✅Noiseless Camo outer & Hiding Velcron Design: Effective camouflage helps you blend into your surroundings and remain concealed from animals. Plus, with the hiding velcro block design, the buttons can be hided to avoid animals being scared away by the luminous buttons. 

✅ Safe & Long-lasting Warmth - Our 5th generation warming heated jacket comes with an upgraded 7.4V 7500mAh large capacity battery, which not only offers longer working time and phone charging function, but also reduced the accident rate to 1/10000, that is obviously a great progress in heated apparel field. We are always committed to offering safe and high-efficiency heating clothes that you can rely on.

✅Far Infrared Ray (FIR) Heating Method & Safety: The heating material is made from carbon fiber, which is safer, softer and more health than original heating method. ARRIS camo heated vest also comes with built-in thermal protection module. Once it is overheat, it would stop until the heat return to the standard temperature. 100% safe to use.

✅Machine Washable & Easy Care: We've tested more than 50 consecutive wash cycles to ensure that the heating elements are not damaged by washing machine. Just make sure to use it when the jacket is completely dry. Better to scrub the DC interface each time after washing to clean impurities attached on it.

Heating Zones: Collar, Back, Chest, Belly(Pocket)
Heating Elements: Carbon Fiber
Working Hours: Low: 16 hrs; Medium: 6 hrs; High: 3 hrs
Battery: 7500 mAh High Voltage Lithium-ion Battery
Fabric: Noiseless Nylon
Heating Mode (Temperature): Very High: 176¬įF; High: 158¬įF; Med: 140¬įF; Low: 122¬įF; Pre-heat: 104¬įF
Care Instruction: Machine Washable & Hand Wash. Remove battery first, zip up those zippers,  machine wash (in laundry bag) or handwash in cold water and use a gentle wash cycle. Let it dry itself(Do not use a dryer).

Q: How long will the battery be fully charged?
A: From empty, the 7500mAh battery will take roughly 5-6 hours to fully charge.

Q: How long will the battery last while in use?
A: In high mode across all areas, the battery sustains 2-3 hours of usage. In medium mode, it lasts for 7-8 hours, while in low mode, it can provide continuous warmth for up to 16 hours.

Q: Can I wear it on the plane or use it in carry-on bags?
A: Yes. All our heated apparel is TSA-friendly.

Q: Where can i buy the spare battery and charger?
A: Here is the compatiable battery and charger. 

Q: Does the battery have USB capability to charge my phone?
A: Yes. There are 1 USB-A ports on the battery for charging your phone and other device.

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